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A Man of Generosity – by Brad Rhame

My Uncle Jim, who recently passed away was a man of generosity.  There isn’t a person who knows the name Jim Pritchard, who doesn’t realize how successful he was.  I will never know how many people he helped…but I will know that I was one of them.  He not only gave to me financially, but through his wisdom and generosity too.

I can’t begin to thank him enough for the words of wisdom he gave me on business.  He also showed me what it meant to be generous to others.  There have been so many people tell of the stories of his kindness.  Those who knew him will remember him for years to come.  They will share memories and moments of his laughter and sincerity.

When others mention Jim Pritchard or “JP” as he was often called, they will remember a man who didn’t horde his financial success, but shared with all those around.  He taught us how to make others feel special.  And this all came from a man who had a “C” average in high school and never pursued a college degree.  A man who succeeded in ways that others will only dream about.

His success was not built on luck or family inheritance, but on the one thing that matters most…and that was people.  He taught us that it was about relationships and that is for what he will be remembered.  I will never be able to thank him enough for the acts of kindness and neither will those who knew him.

What I pass on to others from the lessons of his life are these:

  • Life is short
  • Give generously
  • Treat people well
  • Make people remember you
  • Love people
  • Cry with those you love
  • Meet new people
  • Share memories
  • Laugh often
  • Mean what you say
  • Go BIG or go home
  • True riches are in relationships

And if you never met Jim Pritchard, I know you would have liked him and probably even loved him.

Thank you Uncle Jim for being a man of generosity.


your nephew

Brad Rhame

Success in Our Darkest Hours – by Brad Rhame

If you are in a place of torment, frustration, or monotony, then you are right where you need to be at this particular time.  It sucks…I know.  After successfully moving to a new state and getting a promotion, I thought life was on the up and up.  Wow, was I ever wrong!


After taking the job I, as a brand new manager, was put in a brand new store, with brand new employees.  On top of that, the bonus structure that I thought was good, didn’t work for this store.  Even if I would have bonused, which I didn’t, it was pennies.  The money wasn’t there and the hours were the worst ever.  I was working 70+ hours a week and not getting home till 5 and 6 AM in the morning.  That is not even counting drive time.  I also went from a fit black belt to a soft and heavier zombie.   My wife and boys never saw me and our money situation was getting worse by the month.  There were days when I would start crying and I couldn’t even stop.  I was exhausted to say the least.  My family and the thought of knowing I was a black belt kept me going.


I said all of that to help you realize that life is hard and sometimes you have to reach deep down inside or to a place in the past, to keep you moving forward.  There is always something, no matter how small, that we have done that brought joy to us.  If that is all you have, then grab that thought and don’t let go!  Climbing the mountain is harder than standing at the top.  But every once in a while you have to stop and take a minute to see how far you have come.


Maybe you are at a really low point and can’t see how this is helping you.  For me, I took the lessons I learned and told myself that I would never let one of my employees go through what I did.  I saw how the company treated me and others and knew there was a better way.  There is always something to be learned…Always.  Let the thought of knowing you have made it this far keep you going.


I know it is hard, but let your darkest hours be your trail up the mountain.  Take your lessons and pass them on to others.  Use them to make you stronger.  Use them to make you better.  Use them to make you successful!

Brad Rhame

Failing to Succeed – by Brad Rhame

Where did we get the idea that failing is bad?  Organized education…that’s where.  Every time you chose the wrong answer it was marked wrong.  If you misspelled a word or wrote a sentence wrong it was marked off.  With every try there is a chance that you will get the wrong answer.  That doesn’t mean you are stupid.  It means you now know what doesn’t work.

I am not against education by any means.  The problem with our education system is that it trains you for twelve years to not mess up…or else.  We leave high school feeling like that is what the world expects too, but it doesn’t.  The people I follow, listen to and take advice from are successful because they failed.  They tried and tried and tried until…until they got it right.

So many are not willing to fail, because of an old mindset that has been pounded into them from childhood.  You are now free to release that mentality.  I know it’s hard, but go ahead and let it go.  The world needs people like you who are willing to fail in order to find the answer.  If an enemy is standing outside your door, but you do nothing to stop them from breaking in, then your hope may be your demise.  BUT if you stand up and try different ways to stop them and finally succeed…then you have Failed in order to Succeed.  It may take different paths and multiple tries, but in the end you will succeed.  It is the man or woman who never gives up that I will follow, respect and honor.

If you are looking into the mirror everyday and wondering when your time will come, then begin today to change.  Do something, anything to change where you are into where you want to be.  Maybe it is doing five minutes of exercise to get the body you want next year.  Maybe it is writing a sentence today in order to publish a book next year.  Maybe it is making that one extra phone call each day to make more money in a year.  It can also be as simple as reading one motivational quote each day to change your perspective a week, month or year from now.

If you have already made these changes in your life, then please inspire someone else with that same motivation.  Success is what you make it.  So, go and Fail…to Succeed!

Brad Rhame

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