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Home Self Defense: The Unexpected Stranger | PDN Video

Home Self Defense: The Unexpected Stranger | PDN Video.

Why Falling is Good for You – by Darren Hardy

As your mentor I want you to remember this… You will get knocked down. Know that it’s okay. It’s okay that it hurts a bit, too. Let me share with you my own experience of getting knocked down:

via Why Falling is Good for You.

Baby Steps to Success – by Brad Rhame

Life is about baby steps.  So many of us never do anything, because we are “All or nothing” people.  That is one of the worst kinds of thinking we could nurture.  If you decided to do 365 pushups in one year, then wouldn’t it be easier to do 1 a day instead of 91 over four days?  I know…plus one more, but you get the point.  It is easier to get in shape slowly and over time, than it is quickly.


Whenever we go “all or nothing,” it doesn’t take long to go back to doing nothing after doing it all.  It is too much stress on the body and brain.  We get pumped up about achieving something great, but do not take the time to think it through, over the long haul.  We start psychologically breaking down.  We start to realize that it is impossible to keep this kind of energy going.  Then….as soon as we mess up a couple times or slack off…we Quit.  Possibly, never to return or at least not for a long time.


If you want to be a great writer, then you have to start with a sentence.  Then a paragraph.  Then a page. A chapter…and finally a book.  Work on writing one great sentence each day you wake up.  After a week or a month, move on to writing a paragraph each day.  Slowly but surely you will have your book.


The same philosophy goes for anything you want to do in life.  Baby steps will get you to where you want to be.  If you don’t believe me, then watch the movie What About Bob.  A funny movie, but it changed the way I looked at life and achieving success.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your success.


Think small and grow big!


Brad Rhame

Pistol Shooting Drills: The Rhythm Drill | PDN Video

Pistol Shooting Drills: The Rhythm Drill | PDN Video.

Basic Elbow Strikes – Great Wo/man Defense

Basic Elbow Strikes.

Levels of Awareness

Good points to keep in mind.

Staying Safe

The levels of awareness are highly important in deterring an attack and if an attack happens, surviving it. The awareness levels were pioneered by Marine Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Cooper and are commonly referred to as Cooper’s color code. In self-defense, utilizing the different levels of Cooper’s color code ensures you are aware of what is going on around you and allows you to respond faster if attacked.

Cooper describes four levels of awareness: white, yellow, orange and red. [1] The Marine Corps uses Cooper’s four and added condition black. Furthermore, Army Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman describes another condition level, gray, between red and black. [2] There will be a whole post dedicated to condition gray in the future. For this post we will be discussing levels white, yellow, orange, red and black. The website Stratfor, does a really good job of translating the color codes as: white = tuned out…

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Home Defense Weapons and Safe Backstops | PDN Video

Home Defense Weapons and Safe Backstops | PDN Video.

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