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Six Ways to Fight “Bible Reading Plan Guilt”

The Tenth Leper

All Scripture is breathed out by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.
2 Timothy 3:16-17

Bible reading

For a book that speaks so much about finding rest, peace, and life, the Bible can be a source of guilt more than anything else. For one thing, I don’t know a single Christian who thinks they read the Bible enough. All of us feel like we could (and should) be spending more time in it. But if you’re going through a Bible Reading Plan, with designated readings for each day, that guilt can often be compounded. After all, when we fall behind we can look at our plan and actually see how much Scripture we haven’t read. You can see that you should be reading Numbers 4 today but are stuck in…

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Inspiring Greatness – by Brad Rhame

Being the best is predicated on great teams. Creating great teams requires everyone using their strengths. We are constantly working on being OUR best, but are we constantly helping others be THEIR best? How often are you encouraging those around you?

Sometimes we get so caught up in competing with our coworkers that we don’t take the time to congratulate them on their achievements. In sales, we are trying to grab the next great client, before our teammates do. In retail, we are always vying for the boss’s approval, so we can get that next promotion. In the office, we are trying to put in our time for the next raise and more seniority.

We spend so much time trying to beat everyone else that we forget to cheer them on. Everyone loves to be congratulated and that means your peers too. By creating a positive atmosphere, we are helping others do well, along with ourselves. Great teams require great motivation. We must put more effort into helping others become their best. That way they will return the favor. Life is too short not to share it with your coworkers. Inspire the best in others and you will have a team like you have never known.

Brad Rhame

Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Reality

Wow! How often do you do this?!



Combined imagery and quote is an ongoing, collaborative project between myself and Peggy A Thompson.

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Excerpt from my forthcoming book, The Art of Business Based the Maxims of Napoleon – The Politics of Reality




The Politics of Reality




There is no need to attempt an introduction of Napoleon Bonaparte. His contribution to the world and certainly to France is inestimable. He was, among many things, a major player in the structure of western civilization, and regardless of the final mistakes that he made, his influence is everlasting and without doubt quintessential in understanding strategy based on desire and total conquest of the world in its own form. This present work will enable those biased for whatever reason to assimilate the same intelligence used in the world traditions in that there is no difference in application for the benefit of personal victory in any theater of ‘conflict’.

The maxims of Napoleon illustrate in completeness and simplicity the knowledge that is required for winning in business situations where perhaps…

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Flowing Energy



Combined imagery and quote is an ongoing, collaborative project between myself and Peggy A Thompson.

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