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Inspiring Greatness – by Brad Rhame

Being the best is predicated on great teams. Creating great teams requires everyone using their strengths. We are constantly working on being OUR best, but are we constantly helping others be THEIR best? How often are you encouraging those around you?

Sometimes we get so caught up in competing with our coworkers that we don’t take the time to congratulate them on their achievements. In sales, we are trying to grab the next great client, before our teammates do. In retail, we are always vying for the boss’s approval, so we can get that next promotion. In the office, we are trying to put in our time for the next raise and more seniority.

We spend so much time trying to beat everyone else that we forget to cheer them on. Everyone loves to be congratulated and that means your peers too. By creating a positive atmosphere, we are helping others do well, along with ourselves. Great teams require great motivation. We must put more effort into helping others become their best. That way they will return the favor. Life is too short not to share it with your coworkers. Inspire the best in others and you will have a team like you have never known.

Brad Rhame

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