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The purpose of fear.

Many people do not attempt jobs, hobbies, meeting new people, or speaking in front of others because of fear.

What is fear?

Is it False Evidence Appearing Real? Is it real at all or is it completely made up?

Life if full of decisions. Everyday we make decisions based on previous knowledge. The direction we choose to drive to work. The way we put our clothes on. The breakfast we eat every morning.

Decisions make up our reality. Do we choose to switch lanes or do we continue to sit behind the same vehicle going the same speed, for possibly the next five to twenty-five minutes?

Do we try something new on at the store and really impress our coworkers the next day?

Should we take a chance on a different job description? Should we endure more stress for more money? Should we move into leadership?

Is there part of our past that is disrupting our present and future? Are we focused on the wrong outcomes?

These are questions that need to be answered almost every day. Some of them come with little effort and others are overwhelming for us.

The key is to relocate your focus. In order to have fear we have to focus on something that reminds us of pain. A pain we do not want to feel again. So, the reverse of that is to focus on something that brings us happiness and hope. We need to see the good in others. We need to see the good in events that happen “for us” and not “to us”.

If we can switch our focus to the good and what brings us joy, then we can have a more prosperous life. One that brings complete satisfaction. One that brings us into our true selves. Everyone of us can think of a time that we finally broke out of our comfort zone, no matter how big or small, and had a warming sensation come over us for doing so. We look back and think…”Wow, I am so glad I did that!”

If you can go back to that moment every time you have to make what seems like a fearful decision, then you will more times than not go for it. You will choose the path less traveled. You will experience new heights and sometimes new lows, but all of it will be worth it. The reason why is because you took a chance. You stepped up to this life you were given and said, “I will make the most of it.”

So, the next time you come to a cross roads don’t think twice. Instantly turn to the good feelings you have had in the past and let them guide you to your full destiny. Your future self will be glad you did.

I promise!

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