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Letter to President Obama


Mr. President, try understanding that America is the greatest society on the planet and, more than likely, ever before in the history of civilization. Tell your puppet masters to step back and think about something besides their portfolios and consider the needs of “We the People.” You are completely out of touch and, given your personal history, this becomes more and more obvious. Of course this may all be part of a grand deception, but by refusing to call a spade a spade, you are undermining the basic tenet of our American way of life and bringing down upon us the wrath and derision of the entire world. You refuse to understand the situation and permit charlatans to dictate policy.
Among other travesties, it is astonishing that you have determined a job program as a requirement for world peace, when you cannot or will not provide for “We the People.”…

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This Week’s Curriculum

Enjoy this!

This week I introduced knife tapping from the green belt curriculum of Counterpoint Tactical System. This block of material is Pekiti Tirsia empty hands versus sak-sak (hammer grip). It was really fun to teach this and to talk about the purpose behind it. It was also fun to talk about what the drill represents. Here is a video of Master Zach Whitson working the knife tapping drill with the addition of striking. The drill begins with primary tapping and progresses to where strikes and disarms are incorporated. The video below is not where the student starts knife defense but is farther along the training progression. Enjoy.

Here is Tuhon Bill McGrath discussing knife tapping in more depth.

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