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Leaders Learn to Follow – by Brad Rhame

Every great leader learns from someone else.  Whether it is a previous boss or parent, leaders learn from someone.  Many times you can trace a bad leader’s habits back to a prior boss.  They were taught to handle people a certain way and that is all they know.  Is that their fault?  To an extent, it is.

Everyone of us has the ability to go outside our current circle of influence and find other mentors.  This can be as easy as Youtube or a book, to going as far as finding an actual person with which to meet.  When we stop learning, then we stop growing and getting better.

I love leadership and everything that it entails, but I am not even close to knowing all the answers.  Society changes and so do trends.  What worked yesterday does not always work tomorrow.  We have to stay current and when possible ahead.

A simple first step that can be taken is to find a simple leadership blog.  Read one a day and apply it to that day’s activities.  See how people respond to your new found techniques.  You may be surprised at what you find.  Another simple step that can be taken is to see how those around you interact with each other.  After observing, try using the same basic skills others are using.

Being a leader doesn’t mean acting like those you manage, but there isn’t anything wrong with communicating the same way they do.  People tend to listen to those in which they can relate.  So, try looking for new people to follow and from which to take advice.  Remember that leaders follow and so be careful who you follow, in order to lead well.

Brad Rhame

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