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I Am Retiring… – by Brad Rhame

Kind of.

I am retiring from most of my social media sites. I just erased my Linkedin, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. I also unsubscribed from every Youtube channel I followed.


I am an all or nothing person. And right now I am not living up to my profiles. So, I have decided to give them up.

I have also allowed social media to consume my life. That is a major reason why I never started a Facebook page. My family has had to sit the bench while social media and I played.

It is time to return to My world and stop wondering about the rest of the world. If you can juggle both equally, then have at it. For me, that just does not work.

Will I keep my Kindle? Yes, but mostly for reading and checking email.

Life, on Earth, is short and I want my family to know I was there for them. I want to be in the action more than watching the action (Youtube).

So, for those that know me, I will be around. Hopefully more physically, than socially (media).

And don’t forget…”Love to Live and Learn to Laugh”

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3 thoughts on “I Am Retiring… – by Brad Rhame

  1. I need to take a Facebook break, and honestly I just get on it because I’m bored or out of habit when sitting there. Twitter would be hard for me to give up. i could probably do linkedin, but since I’ll be applying for jobs soon, I may want to keep that one

    • Whatever you choose, best of luck to ya. They were all hard for me because I follow so many blogs and business leaders. I finally came to the conclusion that they all say the same thing and I just need to stick with what I know.

      Getting rid of Linkedin would be hard if you are looking for a job.

      Thanks for checking out my post!

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