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A Jesus Response to Suicide

Frank Viola Author

The following article was written by Frank Viola Author. We are publishing it here in its entirely.

Comedian Robin Williams’ recent suicide has once again exposed the different ways that “Christian” people respond to the tragic issue of suicide.

Many people of faith who respected Williams for his talent are bemoaning his loss.

No Christian I’ve ever met believes that suicide is a good thing.

There is a wide consensus among people of faith — as well as people who don’t subscribe to any belief in God — that in many cases, suicide is a selfish act.

Indeed, in many cases, the individual committing suicide isn’t thinking about the unspeakable pain that will be brought upon her or his loved ones for their entire lives.

However, what if a person isn’t in their right mind when they pull the trigger (so to speak)? What if they are so sullen that they can’t see or…

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